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Smarter Fitter Smoothies Book Cover

My Smarter Fitter Smoothies book continues to evolve, with the content almost 100% complete and the cover design just about nailed. I’ve gotta give major kudos to my friends Gloria Nicol and Helen Best-Shaw for their help in this regard.

Gloria, a food stylist, photographer, author and great friend, gave me some extremely useful advice and encouragement (look to my existing smoothie pins on Pinterest for inspiration – of course!).

Helen, who writes the blog Fuss Free Flavours, helped immeasurably by having me over for a fun photography session in which we both got jiggy with smoothie making, props and picture taking. In the end, Helen snapped the winning shot (pictured above) and also introduced me to Pic Monkey, a nifty free tool that made it easy for me to lay some stylish text over my photo. Hence, the cover was born!

To celebrate this milestone, and to gear us all up for the imminent publication of my book, I’m hosting a giveaway! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

10 copies of the eBook edition of Smarter Fitter Smoothies

1 copy of the print edition of Smarter Fitter Smoothies!

To enter, simply complete the giveaway widget below to verify your entries. The giveaway ends on 30th November at Midnight.

You can read more about what the Smarter Fitter Smoothies book is all about in this blog post.

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18 thoughts on “Smoothie Book Giveaway

  1. thelittleloaf

    I’ve recently got into green smoothies – sometimes they’re delicious and sometimes I get the balance slightly wrong! Would love to win a copy of your book so I can put some science behind my experimentation 🙂

  2. Tracy

    we just recently as a family started drinking green smoothies in addition to our green juice… i love the flexibility of them as well as how easy they are to get together… looking forward to your book…

  3. Tricia

    Need to branch out with my smoothie recipes, this looks like there are some good nutrient filled ones… Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Dottie Shaw

    I love, love, LOVE your smoothies and cannot wait for this to come out! Your smoothies have it all… the artistry, the flavor, the nutrition, the enjoyment!

  5. Stephanie

    This book is going to be awesome! I for one have no idea how to make a well balanced smoothie, so this book will be priceless. I love that you are offering both ebook and print editions!

  6. Dottie Shaw

    I agree… I want a hard copy, it will be one of the main “go to” books on my recipe book shelf. I don’t have an ipad or computer near the kitchen, besides those pictures are inspiring and whet the appetite!

  7. Dottie Shaw

    Recipe Book Suggestion: I would like a book for soup/stews and meals in a bowl…. One pot, ladle up some hot nourishing tasty brew and have complete satisfaction. Maybe a vegetarian gumbo in the mix too…. dal, of course… a bowl for each ethnic tradition!

  8. Steve Shaw

    I could see smoothies being paired up with meal choices. Smoothies for tail-gate parties, smoothies for a July 4th (in US) holiday, etc.

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