The day after a bad hangover

The one thing that’s nice about hangovers is that the day after the hangover feels SO good by comparison.

Saturday night turned into an unexpectedly fun (and boozy) night with the neighbors. Bear in mind, we live on a farm, and aren’t exactly used to big nights out. And who would expect a night like that would happen in a place like this?

Stockman's Cottage

But it did happen, which is just a testament to how awesome our neighbors really are. They had us over for an amazing dinner of roasted red peppers, wild mushroom risotto and TWO desserts: Christmas pudding and lemon posset, two quintessentially British desserts that they knew I’d never had before. How sweet is that?

Yes, the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach.

I didn’t take any photos – for some reason I’m still a bit shy about my food/photo obsession with the not-so-new-anymore neighbs. But I like these people. And despite the hangover, I didn’t really have any regrets. Which makes me think: I never felt like this in London. In London, going out always came with this weird level of worry and premeditated regret. Why am I so much more relaxed here? Maybe I’ve found the balance I’ve been looking for. Add to that a few kindred spirits, and what’s to feel bad about (aside from the splitting headache)?

One other upside: the hangover enabled me to enjoy some of my favorite comfort foods that I haven’t treated myself to in a while: scrambled eggs and toast with avocado!

Hangover food

But back to the day after the hangover (the day after a day after a good night out). After stoking Sunday’s hangover with scrambled eggs, Mexican food, and a good nap on the couch, I felt right as rain on Monday and ready to rock the gym.

After a warm up and a stretch, I did some leg presses, assisted wide-grip pullups, dumbbell pullovers, and cable upright rows. Finally, I went for a nice easy swim before heading home for a tasty breakfast – buckwheat crepes with loads of fresh fruit and soy yogurt.

Breakfast crepes (again)

The weekend seems like a distant memory now. Time flies when you’re having fun (and getting hard).

5 thoughts on “The day after a bad hangover

  1. Jes

    Your hangover comfort foods are perfect! And rad how great your neighbors sound–I’ve definitely never heard of lemon posset before, interesting!

  2. maris

    Great hangover food! I like to have eggs and toast “the day after.” I’ve heard that B vitamin is good for hangovers so adding avocado is a great idea!


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