The Early Bird Catches the Peahen

Early Bird

I awoke this morning to find this big beauty staring at me from right outside the front door.Β It’s a peahen, a female peacock (many thanks to @WiltshireWalker on Twitter for helping me identify it). And as much as I was amused by the idea, I will not follow Vivia‘s suggestion: “roast peahen is quite a delicacy and there is no closed season :).”

I will also not follow the peahen’s persistent pecking at the door to “let me in!” As much as I like the idea of a posh peahen pet, the poop would be a disaster.

Early Bird

4 thoughts on “The Early Bird Catches the Peahen

  1. Gloria

    We could do with your pea hen here as we have a wandering peacock. He is admired but also annoys everyone with his piercing calling. I love that he has been known to perch just above a teenager's bedroom window. As he doesn't have a mate we never get to see his tail opened out.

  2. Monica

    You can have the peahen. She lost her novelty when I stepped outside in my slippers into one of the piles of peahen poop she left as a present.

  3. Monica

    Viva, send over the recipes. I may be a (mostly) vegetarian but I'm insanely curious about these recipes. Maybe they'll turn me. πŸ˜‰


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