The Healthy Vegan Breakfast Book

[UPDATE 5-10-2013] The first piece of the puzzle is now for sale as PDF: buy Healthy Vegan Breakfasts Salads for just $0.99 – what a bargain!

Over the last year or so, pictures of my breakfasts have become some of my most commented upon photos across the Internets. This probably has something to do with their weirdness: my breakfasts are often savoury, sometimes salady and mostly vegan. Raw kale salads, barley breakfast bowls and bircher muesli abound. So in response to those who find my breakfasts a curiosity (and perhaps even an inspiration) I am putting together a book: The Healthy Vegan Breakfast Book.

The book will be a compilation of my favourite breakfasts, including traditional(ish) breakfast ideas like Bircher muesli and crepes, then quickly diverging into my wacky breakfast salads and savoury creations inspired by other ethnicities – yes, there will be dal.

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The book will first become available as an iPad book in March 2013, followed thereafter by print and PDF editions.

If you’d like to be informed when the book is available, please enter your email below. You can also follow SmarterFitter on Facebook for updates and healthy vegan breakfast teasers!

Thanks to all for your encouragement. Happy breakfasting.

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