The Well-Rounded Vegetarian Barbecue

Vegan BBQWho says vegetarians can’t enjoy a barbecue just as much as the rest? Last Saturday’s barbecue was one of my most successful grilling attempts yet, thanks mostly to the Hot-Sauce Glazed Tempeh, one of my favorite recipes from the Veganomicon. This stuff is AWESOME on the grill, and I really nailed it this time. It seems there are a few secrets for working with tempeh:

  • Boil the tempeh for 10 minutes before you marinate it
  • Use a yummy marinade, something with a fairly strong flavor
  • Marinate the tempeh for a good long while (at least an hour) before you cook it
  • Cook it on a hot grill if you have one
  • Baste the tempeh constantly as it cooks

But the tempeh was only part of the picture. Add to that grilled onions, peppers, runner beans, sweet corn and potatoes (the only part of the meal that wasn’t grilled), and I wound up with a pretty well-rounded, delicious and filling meal. Thus more proof that there’s more to vegetarian grilling than veggie burgers and sweet potatoes.

Food and Exercise Log | Saturday, August 29, 2009


Toast with Almond Butter and Fresh Fruit

Breakfast: Toast and Almond Butter with Apples and Bananas


Butter Bean Salad, Green Salad and Quinoa

Lunch: Bean Salad, Green Salad and Quinoa

Recipe: Essential Bean Salad, Italian Style


Chocolate Beetroot Cake with Strawberries


Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Beetroot Cake


Grilled Tempeh, Peppers and Onions with Sweetcorn, Grilled Runner Bean Salad and Potato

Dinner: Grilled Tempeh with Peppers, Onions, Runner Beans, Potatoes and Corn


Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh
French Green Beans with Chili Vinaigrette (made with grilled runner beans)

4 thoughts on “The Well-Rounded Vegetarian Barbecue

  1. Monica Shaw

    Hi Marina,It’s probably a couple things. I use“ rel=”nofollow”>this calorie calculator to estimate calories burned. Who knows how accurate this is. But there are other factors. Most of the cycling I do is commuting which is fairly slow and stop and go – this doesn’t burn many calories. Plus, I’m fairly petite as is, so I just burn fewer calories by default. I hope this helps!

  2. Marina

    Tnx for your answer! And for your comment on my blog!
    and for that 30 km, I think it wasn’t actually 30, maybe 25. I was fairly quick, an hour and 15 min, so I guess it was a shorter ride 🙂

  3. Monica Shaw

    No worries – I enjoyed reading through your blog and especially enjoyed the bits about buckwheat crepes (you may already know I’m a huge fan). =D

    An hour and 15 minutes is still long enough to feel it, I’m sure. I hope you had good weather!


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