Three Weeks Post Knee Surgery

Stitches are out

It’s been three weeks since I had surgery on my right knee to remove a cyst lurking in the meniscus behind my patella. Things are still stiff and my range of motion is not what it was, but already I’ve been able to mow the lawn, spend two days wandering around Berlin and return to my daily half-hour walks around the farm. I’m far from 100% – it will still be several weeks before I can even think about running, cycling or swimming again – but it feels good to be moving at least a little bit again.

I say it feels good, but at the same time, I’ve been feeling a little lousy. As much as I’ve enjoyed a bit of forced relaxation, I find myself letting my eating habits slip – desserts, snacks and alcohol have creeped into my life at a higher than moderate rate. As a result, I’ve gained weight, I feel lethargic and overall not very pretty.

In the past, keeping a journal has been hugely valuable (I was reminded about this when I was asked to edit my About Me page for BlogHer, and re-read the 2005 bit about how “journaling changed everything”). In 2005, I used a notebook, but this time, I’m using posterous, and a few days ago I quietly started SmarterFitter Daily to rekindle my diary habits (and do SOMETHING with the myriad of food photos I take of my daily meals).

I’m doing it a bit different than I did back then: more photos, and I’m not counting calories. I’m just writing down what I eat and do and some simple goals to keep myself accountable and in control.

Thanks to Vanessa Kimbell for inspiring me.

Here’s a pic of my knee a day after the operation. X marks the spot (er, spots?).

X marks the spot

5 thoughts on “Three Weeks Post Knee Surgery

  1. azélia

    Be patient. Patience is the hardest thing to be. Don't give yourself such a hard time. Feeling lethargic is horrible when you're normally an active person but you'll be back to normal soon.

  2. Jes

    Didn't realize you had knee surgery–sounds terrifying! But so glad you're healing well and getting motion back!

    (on an unrelated note, I just signed up for the Web Design 1 class at the community college here–time to get that dream on the road!)

  3. shaheen

    Its good to read that you are extremely motivated after the knee surgery, I think I would have been zonked. Warm wishes and hope the healing speeds.

  4. Sonia@7spice

    Hey Monica, don't feel down or lousy! Been there. We all are here and there and always be with you!! Get well soon and give yourself good time. You'll run sooooon.
    Take care darling! Sending lots of positive vibes and energy to you across from Australia! 🙂


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