Thursday Food Diary: Bircher, Beer and a Bonus Recipe

Breakfast: Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli

Lunch: Leftovers galore.

I made a taco with yesterday’s leftover fajitas and a little scrambled tofu, plus a mixed salad on the side (some of which ended up in the taco!).

Fajita/Tofu Taco with Salad

Snack: Half of a grapefruit


Dinner: More leftovers

Scrambled tofu, roasted cabbage (see recipe below), and a small slice of chive/corn bread.

Scrambled Tofu with Roasted Cabbage and Chive Bread

Not Shown: One Pint of Guiness and a Few Sips of Becks

I Heart Guinness

After dinner I went to the Water Poet to catch up with some former workmates. It was weird mingling with bankers again, and it felt good to not be one of them. Nothing against THEM, it was just that >>I<< am happier and it was nice hanging out with them and feeling happy rather than grumpy about work and the credit crunch. I was also in a good mood because I managed to nurse my one pint of Guinness for most of the night and then drank water the rest of the time. What was truly astounding was that this didn’t bother me at all and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I usually feel pressure to say “yes” whenever someone is buying a round, but last night I felt immune from the pressure. Part of this is thanks to my wonderful former colleagues who are totally chill about drinking and don’t seem to share the “everyone must get drunk” mentality that many English people seem to have at pub situations. I apologize to any Brits in the audience because I don’t mean to generalize. But this has been one of the hardest things about living in London for me – learning to be moderate with my alcohol intake while living in a culture that takes pride in it’s LACK of moderation. Right. I must now try not to overanalyze the situation and instead just be happy for having a great night out with friends.

Bonus Recipe: Roasted Cabbage with Onion and Caraway Seeds

This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy cabbage.

In a roasting tray, combine:

1 Savoy Cabbage, thinly slice
1 onion, thinly sliced into rounds
1 pinch of sugar
1 tsp caraway seeds
1 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Toss everything together then add a little water at the bottom of the tray. Roast at 350 F / 180 C for about 45 minutes, until cabbage is cooked and slightly crispy, checking occasionally and adding more water if needed.

Roasted Savoy Cabbage with Onion and Caraway

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