Top 10 Summer Cycling Tips

Best cycling tattoo ever: the classic chain ring smudge on the inner calf.*

The always useful tredz blog shares ten great tips for summer cycling. Most of the tips are great advice all year round, such as staying hydrated and carrying a quality bicycle lock, but they do point out one thing that I always manage to forget when the sun is out: SUNBLOCK! Very important stuff for keeping your skin happy and your tattoos bright.

Talking of sunburn, and I will be for the next three months being ‘strawberry blonde’, don’t forget to slap on plenty of sunblock. Cycling not only makes the rider vulnerable due to the typically long periods of exposure, but also the sweat on your skin will increase the effect of the sun. And of course you’ll look like a wally with the tan lines from your cycling gear.

My advice: keep a small container of sunblock with you. My sis gave me a stick of SPF 18 Hemp Tattoo Balm that I keep in my bag. It’s pretty good and the stick makes it easy to apply without getting my hands all nasty.

Top ten summer cycling tips [Tredzblog]

* This groovy tat belongs to my buddy, Michael. I was there when he had it done, using a picture of my real-life chain ring smudge as a template. I felt honored.


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