Totally Random Sundays


I hope your Sunday is filled with better things than aimless web surfing. But just in case you are looking for a little joy to go with you morning coffee, here are a few links to perk you up…

Evita has a great post on the New Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides published by the Environmental Working Group. For my UK readers, check out UK Pesticide Info for, you guessed it, information about pesticide usage in UK food.

The Foodtopia Society makes me wish I lived Ashville, NC. Talk about food passion: “In the Foodtopian Society, we believe food can be much more than just what we eat to survive. It can be an invigorating centerpiece of daily life, a constant source of inspiration and fulfillment. It can change your life, or at least lift your spirits.”

On the boob tube, MizFit shows us how to
reduce stress through finding exercise in unexpected places

At the Sydney Morning Herald, Paula Goodyear debunks the No carbs after 6pm myth [via Limes & Lycopene]

It’s what’s inside that counds. Check out these stunning Microscopic Images from Inside the Human Body [via Limes & Lycopene]

Scanwiches. Need I say more?


I’m always on the lookout for tasty dal, and this Vegetable Dal Recipe over at Tasty Palettes looks especially good.

Speaking of good things that involve beans, DR recently posted a Butternut Squash and Black-Eye Pea Soup that looks divine.

And if that isn’t enough to make your stomach growl, check out this Vegan Tempeh and Spinach Pie at Have Cake Will Travel

20 Tools That Have Changed the Way We Cook – a photoset from Gourmet Magazine


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  1. Evita

    Hi Monica and Happy Sunday web surfing 🙂

    Thanks for the inclusion and the great list of links!

    Have to go check out the recipes, they sound so good!


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