Users of alli don’t mind the anal seepage


Last month, Tim wrote about the weird over-the-counter fat-blocking drug, alli, which is known to cause some socially problematic side effects, particularly bowel seepage, when taken with meals containing too much fat.

Think this matters to alli users? Data presented at the 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of NAASO, The Obesity Society, found that people were satisfied with the product: less than 5% of patients stopped taking alli because of side effects, while many patients continue to use the drug, seepage and all.

We’re not sure why anyone would substitute a reasonable diet for a diaper. Here’s alli-manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline’s spin on it:

“The alli data we’re reviewing show that treatment effects are not a major issue for most patients taking alli because they are highly motivated by the weight loss achieved. In addition, many alli users have repeatedly told us that they view treatment effects as a positive tool to help make them aware of hidden fats in foods.

Is that really what it takes for people to understand what they’re eating?

Here at SmarterFitter, we’d rather look at a nutrition label than a pair of dirty underpants. Drugs like alli seem like a lazy approach to attaining a lifestyle that isn’t supposed to lazy at all.

If you’re thinking about trying alli, here’s my advice:

  • Save the money you’d spend and buy a food scale
  • Use the food scale with food labels or a nutrition database to understand what you’re eating and control portion sizes
  • You’ll have some money left over so buy some new underwear – it’s a great confidence boost, and you’re not likely to soil it
  • For the love of your underwear, do some exercise!

Above all, ask yourself this: would you rather have hidden fat end up on your belly or in your underpants?


3 thoughts on “Users of alli don’t mind the anal seepage

  1. Céline

    Another example of the world gone mad. We mess ourselves up by stuffing our face unnecessarily and then we want a quick-fix to undo the mess? I don’t get it…

  2. Mark

    I understand the feedback response.

    Think of it this way. Without Alli the dieter has willpower and wisdom to help them control fats. With Alli they also have flatulence and oily discharge as a consequence of “a little treat”.

  3. Donna

    I stopped because of "treatment effects", but I’ll tell you what, you do start to think about what you are putting in your mouth! For me it was bad no matter what I ate. Just couldn’t do it if I wanted to go to work or any where else for that matter!


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