Vegetarian Thanksgiving with Friends and Klingons

Star Trek Cheese Invasion

I am very thankful to have a few of my fellow Americans close by on this side of the pond. And I’m extra grateful that some of those friends happen to be vegetable-eating sci-fi geeks like myself. Thus was the foundation of this year’s Thanksgiving, aka Thanksgeeking, aka Thanksgivukkah, which brought me together with my friends Emily and Robert for two days and two nights of vegetarian cookery and geeky hijinks in Cambridge.

Geeking out on pecan pie smoothies in our respective geeky t-shirts.

A little bit more on the geeky stuff in a moment, but first, the menu, which basically reads like a litany of blog post fodder, because everything was great – even the failures offered some learning moments.

Here’s what we made over the course of Thanksgeeking (menu shamelessly copied from Emily’s blog post):

Smoothie  Making

  • Mushroom Ginger Matzo Ball Soup – a total stroke of Emily genius

Matzo Ball Soup

Thanksgiving appetizers

NPR Cranberry Relish

  • Eggplant “Bacon” (vegan) – holy aubergine, batman – dehydrated eggplant may be my new favourite thing

Aaaaaah. The smell of eggplant 'bacon' in the morning.


And for dessert:

Pumpkin pie shooters with coconut whipped cream. #vegan #thanksgeeking #latergram

The real stroke of genius is what we did with the leftovers: PIZZA. Yes, green bean casserole pizza (with crispy onions) may be even better than straight up green bean casserole. I challenge you to find out.

Arguably the ultimate geek food: pizza. (In the company of Klingons.) #thanksgeeking #latergram

As to those geeky hijinks, they mainly comprised cheese boards, t-shirts, action figures and terrariums. How have I lived this long without ever experiencing Moon Sand?

And for my next geeky trick: Dragon Fruit Jellies. Stay tuned.



There are more Thanksgeeking pictures on Flickr.

10 thoughts on “Vegetarian Thanksgiving with Friends and Klingons

  1. Dottie Shaw

    What a great time with a surprising array of foods! A most creative menu and a heaping helping of FUN, clearly….. loved this and enjoyed the pictures!

  2. kellie@foodtoglow

    OMG that was a busy day of cooking! I feel full looking at all that. 😀 Great recipes/links and beautiful interpretation/photos from you. Clever, clever, talented lady. Thanks for including my humble recipe on your table. I am honoured. I still must try the eggplant bacon…

    1. Monica

      The hummus was great – I used a pumpkin for it but would like to try it again with something sweeter like butternut or kabocha. The eggplant bacon is definitely recommended.

  3. kellie@foodtoglow

    PS Just noticed the pizza – we do crazy-ass things like that too. Must be the American blood: we will put anything on a pizza! Green bean casserole does not however sound crazy enough. It sounds delish

  4. Jes

    I loved following your day over Instagram–seriously the perfect mash-up of geekiness and food. Can’t think of a better way to spend the day! Plus, yes, I’m totally all over the leftover pizza. Wish I’d had some leftovers from our Friendsgivukkah to do that with. 🙂

    I have to admit, I haven’t been as ‘clean’ as I should be — still working through the leftovers of my Thanksgiving vacation (leftover pot roast soup? don’t mind if I do!)–but I think I definitely need to craft out a plan. Maybe not the full Clean cleanse…but something like it. Maybe a cross of it an Paleo? Honestly, I’m not having many issues, but G’s in need of a desperate gut healing and I figure it can’t hurt me either. I mean, after I make these brownies tonight. Oh god, yeah, I suck at this. BUT, yes, I think we should do some kind of accountability/simul-posting to keep ourselves on track!

    1. Monica

      I’ve been doing a sort of clean / paleo / raw thing. I guess I mainly follow the general ideas of the Clean thing… no soy, dairy, gluten, refined sugar or processed food. (With the odd exception here and there.) Also, no caffeine or alcohol. I certainly feel better for it, and I think it’s that last point on the beverages that really makes a difference. I am glad you’re up for an accountability/simul-posting. Maybe something simple like a weekly check-in focused on successes and goals, and maybe a favourite recipe from the week?!


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