Walking in Sunshine (With a Hint of Cloud)

River Coln

Further to my previous post about walking without the dog, today I walked again. Same route (Bibury and the River Coln). Different company. Just me and my ever-changing jumble of thoughts. And the odd army of sheep butts.

Army of sheep butts

The days have been warm and sunny here in Wilts, but this morning brought a change in the weather. Cool, a little cloudy, dewy at sunrise. But I like that on a long brisk walk. I didn’t stop to take too many pictures, just snaps at the (gloriously few) blatant signs of life like sheep and daffodils, which I’m surprised isn’t the national flower of England given how prolific it is these days (the daffodil IS, however, the national flower of Wales; the national flower of England is the Rose – damn Tudors!).


All in all, a fine day to be outdoors, so much so that I came home and spent the rest of it in the garden with a wheel barrow and a power drill. But that’s another story.

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4 thoughts on “Walking in Sunshine (With a Hint of Cloud)

  1. Mom

    Sometimes it's just wonderful be ALONE… just you and your thoughts, surrounded by nature that somehow always seems respectful of this need. I love alone time when I treat myself to it. Sometimes I choose it instead of horse time, which is what most of my weekends become. And guess what, you'll feel way more happy to see Jay upon returning, and he'll love that happy part of you. It's something we as women too oft neglect, doing things WE need.

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