Wednesday Food Diary: Ayurveda Special

I started my morning in the usual way with a cup of lemon and honey tea. This ritual is such a nice way to start the day, and I just learned from Susan at Grounded Fitness that morning lemon tea is thought to be “healing” according to Ayurveda:

A very soothing Ayurvedic practice is drinking a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon or lime. The warm water wakes up your intestines and tummy. The lemons and limes are high in vitamins and minerals, which can help loosen the toxins in your digestive tract.

Bircher MuesliAccording to the post, Ayurveda also recommends a two other rituals that I already practice: get up before the sun rises and eat lightly. My Bircher muesli is fairly light, consisting mostly of fruit and raw nuts. I also don’t stuff my face with mass quantities of it.

As you can see, I haven’t quite given up on consuming fluids (rooibos tea) with food. But I have been trying to sip my tea more slowly while I eat instead of gulping it down as soon as it’s cool enough to do so. That’s where having a teapot comes in handy. I can poor a little bit of tea at a time, keeping it hot in the pot.

In the late morning, I worked up an appetite by doing a “core” workout, a new thing for me – I am still recuperating from shin splints and am starting to feel a little soft around the edges for lack of walking and swimming. For lunch I made a massive batch of scrambled tofu made with onion, garlic, peas, carrot, broccoli (stems, too), tomato, oregano, and fresh parsley. Tofu scramble is one of my favorite things. I had it with a piece of emergency chive/corn bread and a little extra broccoli on the side.

Scrambled Tofu

Having just harvested our second batch of mushrooms from the mushroom log, I decided to make mushroom fajitas. I sauteed the mushroom with onion, garlic, bell pepper, cumin seed, and ground cumin, then added lime and cilantro at the end. They were pretty tasty, especially topped with fresh guacamole and served in a homemade tortilla. I also had a bit of mixed salad on the side.

Mushroom Fajitas

Holy Guacamole!


Fajita Taco with Guacamole

I forgot to take a picture of the grapefruit I ate after dinner. It was very tart and may have pushed me over the edge because I felt really full after dinner and EXHAUSTED. Another day of food, complete.

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