Weekend Recap

Diary for Saturday, February 21, 2009


A short 20 minute “recovery swim” at 8am. A great start to a beautiful day.


Bircher muesli with yogurt and banana

Bircher Muesli


Poached eggs on toast with avocado, tomato and steamed spinach

Poached egg on toast

Rory brought over some amazing multigrain bread. I aspire to bake bread this well. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into those gluten chains.

Multigrain Bread


Two turns around Clissold Park on this perfect sunny Saturday with Tim and Rory. Clissold Park is glorious on a sunny day. Lots of frisbees and happy puppies.

Clissold Park

It’s still scarf and gloves weather in London, but the sunshine has me looking forward to summer and the picnic season! Aah, happy memories.

Picnic in Clissold Park

Yes, I am very grateful to live so close to such a lovely park. What London lacks in infrastructure and efficiency it makes up for in pretty green parks and squares.


Orange wedges

Not to be confused with orange wedgies…



Spaghetti and tofu “neatballs” served with salad and broccoli

Spaghetti and Tofu "Neatballs"

Diary for Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bircher muesli with banans (look, mom – no yogurt!)

Bircher Muesli Sans Yogurt


Took 3 turns around Clissold Park (~7km), just me and the iPod. The podcasts: Sound Opinions and NPR Fresh Air.


Grilled tofu sandwich with a massive salad

Open-Faced Grilled Tofu Sandwich

The tofu: thin slices of tofu, sprinkled on both sides with salt, pepper and mixed Italian herbs, then grilled in the oven for a few minutes on both sides. I totally made this up, and I would do it again… quick and tasty.

The sandwich: grilled tofu, grilled peppers and onions, avocado, tomato, lettuce, on whole wheat no knead bread.



Grapefruit of Deliciousness


Dal with Lime and Chili Cabbage Slaw and Raita

Dal with Raita and Cabbage Slaw

It was a Madhur kind of meal.

The dal: Moong Dal from The Essential Madhur Jaffrey

The slaw: Lime and Chili Cabbage Slaw with shredded carrots and thinly sliced red pepper

The raita: Cucumber raita from The Essential Madhur Jaffrey

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Roni

    Hi Monica… just found you via MizFit just wanted to say I LOVE your photos and the food you eat looks so YUMMY! πŸ™‚ I don’t even like poached eggs and I wanted to reach in the photo and take a bite!

  2. monica

    @Yavor, you know, I always thought I was anti-p**n but you’ve made me realize that I’m actually a fan. The OED defines “pornographic” as “obscene, indecent, crude, lewd, dirty, vulgar, smutty, filthy; erotic, titillating, arousing, suggestive, sexy, risquΓ©; off-color, adult, X-rated”” I would agree that I strive to make my food pics “titllating”, and “arousing” (at least of the appetite), but I hope I haven’t pushed my food love into the realms of the “obscene.”

    @Roni, welcome! Glad you like the food p**n pics! =)

  3. Crabby McSlacker

    If you wanted to create titillating, arousing food pictures you’ve certainly succeeded, because OMG that food looks amazing. Even healthy stuff that I don’t normally like looked incredible–let alone the dishes that I already appreciate.

    I’ve never seen healthy food look so darn appealing before! Quite motivating–either to start cooking more or to try to have you kidnapped to act as a personal chef!

  4. Caspar

    I found your website looking up greek yoghurt! I’m eating natural yoghurt (low fat) with my museli in the morning and I find it quite bitter, someone recommended greek as it might taste better. I don’t want to waste money though, can you tell me how different it tastes? I may just add some honey to the natural stuff! (And when I’ve put in chopped banana or strawberries or blueberries it tastes much nicer).

    Anyway, was really nice to see you’re London based, I’d assumed this was a US site! My ex lives just around the corner from Clissold Park.


  5. monica

    Caspar, I sent you an email but here’s the skinny on yogurt for everyone else…

    The thing about yogurt is: no two brands taste alike. I recently bought a container of Greek yogurt from the off license… it was from Greece and everything. I thought “this is the good stuff!” But I got it home and it was SO tart I couldn’t deal with it (I ended up using it for raita and tofu marinades…it was way better savory).

    I now use either Yeo Valley’s or Whole Foods’ Natural Yogurt. Neither of them have that “bitterness” you refer to. Yeo Valley is especially good. As is their Greek Yogurt. I suggest trying a few different brands and find one that you like best. For muesli, I really like the “natural” set yogurt … the Greek stuff can sometimes be too thick. I like how the natural stuff spreads out a bit in the muesli (now I’m getting graphic!).

    Oh yeah, and honey is a great way to cover up tangy yogurt. There’s a “Tasmanian Leatherwood” honey at Whole Foods I really like… but it’s got a pretty strong flavor. Do not buy if you don’t like molasses! Honey, like yogurt, is also one of those foods that totally depends on the manufacturer.


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