Weird Wednesday: Costume Party at the Rock Oyster Festival


Last week I was in Cornwall for a fish-focused holiday with The Food Travel Company where I had the pleasure of meeting a whole slew of great people, including the multitalented – and mutually goofy – Kavey of Kavey Eats. I’ll save the details of the trip for another post, but let’s just say there was much silliness, resulting in numerous photos of me being weird / amusing. Kavey’s convinced me that I must turn these photos into a series of blog posts called “Weird Wednesdays”, and so here we are with our maiden voyage: me in a fish costume at Rock Oyster Festival. This is what happens when you spend all afternoon eating oysters and drinking champagne (because there really isn’t much else to do at Rock Oyster Festival). The costume was graciously (albeit reluctantly) leant to me by the hard-working folks at Greenpeace (yes, I gave them a donation in kind).


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