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I usually spend so much time writing about food that many of you may not realise that a few years back my food habits were even more out of control. You can read about it today in my interview on ThatsFit.com, part of their “Success Stories” series about “bloggers who share their weight-loss journeys and hefty doses of inspiration with their readers.”

Of course, there’s so much more to the “weight-loss journey” than weight loss itself. Sometimes it’s even about GAINING weight. That’s where I’m currently at – trying to build muscle through strength training. But I’ve been steering clear of posts about deadlifts and dumbbells. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the strength training, but it’s not really what fitness is about to me.

In Biology, fitness is defined as “an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.” I like this definition because it raises the importance of THE WORLD AROUND ME. My fitness is dependent on my environment, and for me, discovering my environment is the most rewarding part about getting fit, and the most rewarding thing to write about.

Still, it was nice to change things up and write about the “journey” – nothing like a little reflection to put things in perspective! So many thanks to ThatsFit and welcome to all my new readers. I’m so humbled that you include me among the “inspirational bloggers” of the world.

And if you haven’t seen it, head on over to ThatsFit to check out the interview, aptly titled: Monica Traded Beer For Blogging and Lost 40 Pounds.

3 thoughts on “Welcome readers from ThatsFit!

  1. Lexie

    I just saw your success story and wanted to say congratulations. It’s seems like you’ve really figured things out. Very inspiring.


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