What to do with keys when you run

Whenever I go for a run or a walk in the park I’ll pass someone or be passed by someone who is jangling loudly running with a pocketfull of keys. Both the sound and the shifting weight of the keys would drive me crazy.

Stop the madness!

I use my trusty and free wrist wallet which holds my keys and a £10 note tightly and silently to my wrist.

I got mine free from the excellent RunnersNeed in Camden. It looks like they charge about £8 now…

Link to RunnersNeed

Link to something similar at Amazon

2 thoughts on “What to do with keys when you run

  1. Cam

    Another advantage of living in a one-horse town: I don’t bother locking up. I’m only gone for an hour or so, and it’s not a matter of worry for me or most of my neighbors.


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