Wild Flowers for Earth Day

Snakes Head Fritillary

Every day is Earth Day on Clattinger Farm. But these days, even the farm is extra special as the Snakes Head Fritillaries are coming into bloom.

These flowers used to be fairly common in Britain but are now quite rare as they are quite sensitive to pesticide spray and other nasty human infringements. We are fortunate enough to live on a farm that has never been sprayed, so the fritillaries thrive and fill the fields with these purple bells. It’s fairly amazing! Yet slightly scary that they can withstand this morning’s frost but can’t handle our pesticides. Scary thought.

Happy Earth Day!

4 thoughts on “Wild Flowers for Earth Day

  1. Mom

    A most fitting “Earth Day” post…. what a beautiful flower. There is something similar here, I don’t know the name…. blooms last but ONE day, then they are gone for another year. Nature is amazing. I’m so glad you have an abundance there to enjoy… am thinking FALL, perhaps November, for a visit! Did not make it there last year for Thanksgiving. 🙁


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