Wrong Food: Organic Batter Blaster


Just because it’s organic, doesn’t make it right.

I like Sara’s rant on Healthbolt:

We are a bunch of fat and sick folks, and even kids are getting hopped up with blood pressure medications and diabetes diagnoses. We didn’t need convenient cookie dough rolls and we certainly don’t need pancake emissions. I don’t care if it’s organic and technically counts as a “grain”, something Uncle Sam wants you to eat a lot more of. I didn’t think I would ever say this, but aerosol can pancake batter might possibly be even worse than the cookie diet (in any of its chewy, crunchy and otherwise textural variations).


3 thoughts on “Wrong Food: Organic Batter Blaster

  1. Mark

    Watch the shelves. Now that the government regulators “own” organic what we see labeled organic will be less and less like the stuff that carried that label before.

    The Onmivore’s Dilemma has a great exchange between an original organic farmer and an agribusiness organic mouthpiece. Worth the read.

  2. monica


    I’ve been meaning to read the Omnivore’s Dilemma; you’ve given me just the push I needed to actually acquire the book. There’s a lot I have to learn on the “organic” front. We live in the UK, where organic certification is determined by serveral non-UK companies. It’d be interesting to compare their policies to those in the U.S….

    Lots of reading for me, I think…

    Thanks again, Mark, for the comment and suggestion.


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